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PARKER hydraulic cylinder S-160

PARKER hydraulic cylinder S-160
S-160 for working pressure 20/30 MPa (16/25 Mpa for acid-proof cylinders) The S-160 cylinder is designed for medium heavy industrial use and heavy mobile use. In close co-operation with our customers we have met the demands of optimal function and simplicity in maintenance, at a low cost. The cylinder is built in two steel qualities; SS 2172 and acid-proof steel, SS 2343. The S-160 is painted as standard but if better protection from corrosion is required the cylinder can be covered with chemical nickel. The cover does not protect the cylinder from oxidising acids, but is protecting against acidity from pH 4 and upwards.
• is a double-acting hydraulic cylinder for medium heavy industrial use and heavy mobile use.
• can be fitted with six different mountings.
• is designed according to ISO-Standard 6020-1.
• is designed so that there is no metallic contact between moving parts. • is available as standard in two steel qualities; construction steel SS 2172 and acid resistant steel SS 2343.
• is as standard equipped with two types of U-seal, for mobile use the cylinder is also equipped with compact seals on the piston.
• is available as standard in eight dimensions, from Ø 40 to 200 mm.
• is designed for high availability, long life span and easy maintenance.

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