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PARKER thin cylinder CHE (AP) series

PARKER thin cylinder CHE (AP) series
The parker series CHE aluminum body hydraulic cylinder is the best choice for high force requirements, working pressure up to 140 bar, can provide 1mm stroke length increment.
Four standard piston rod end types are available in addition to special rod ends that can be configured.

CHE series compact metric polyurethane (pu) stem seals, hydraulic cylinder with multiple seal edge, polyurethane Wiperseal ™ and non-metallic piston wear band.
Bi-directional piston seals provide leak-free performance, increasing machine productivity by reducing downtime, reducing cycle time, and improving system efficiency.
Optional magnetic pistons are available to drive solid state or reed switches, as well as a unique t-slot mounted continuous stroke position sensor.

Each CHE series cylinder is individually tested before leaving our plant to ensure normal performance and leak-free operation, with an 18-month warranty.

• industrial
• processing

Features and advantages:
• can be configured with 1mm stroke increment
• four standard piston rod end styles and configurable special rod ends
• durable polyurethane rod seals and wiperseals to ensure dry rod performance
• magnetic piston options
• test each cylinder individually to ensure reliability
• 18-month warranty

• factory automation
• mechanical tools
The molding,
• food and beverages
• plastic processing

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