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PARKER CHD series compact cylinder

PARKER MMB series hydraulic cylinders
Parker CHD series steel cylinder cylinder is suitable for high-output requirements, working pressure up to 207 bar, piston rod stroke can be 1mm as an increment, there are four standard piston rod end installation form is optional, in addition, can be customized.

In addition to the range of CHD series can be increased by 1mm, the piston rod end can be processed in a variety of ways, with end stroke indicating switch, and integrated with a variety of innovative design features, which can reduce downtime and maintenance time, improve system efficiency, and thereby improve machine productivity.

• main seals - standard PTFE stem seals have multiple flanges with self-compensating and self-releasing functions to withstand pressure changes and possible mechanical deformation.
• secondary stem seal - standard PTFE rutherfordium dustproof ring seal?
Remove the oil film stuck to the piston rod in the oil cylinder protruding stage, and clean the piston rod in the retraction process.
• non-metallic wear-resistant belt -- there is no friction pair between metals inside the cylinder, improving the bearing capacity of the cylinder.
• bi-directional piston seal - enhanced PTFE sealing ring provides leak-free performance
• optional guided Gland -- longer guided Gland increases the contact area, prolongs the maintenance cycle, and improves the ability of the oil cylinder to be in the same direction as the load
• oil port option - optional base mounting to enhance freedom of machine design

Each CHD series cylinder is tested separately before delivery to ensure excellent performance and no leakage, with a warranty of 18 months.

Technical parameters
Standard -- refer to ISO 16656:2004
Working pressure - up to 207 bar
Standard working fluid - hydraulic fluid
Temperature range - - 23 ° C to + 121 ° C (depending on the seal)
Cylinder diameter -- 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm
Stroke -- 12mm, 14mm, 18mm, 22 mm, 28mm, 36mm, 45mm
Standard mounting types - 13 types: T, TN, TR, A, AM, AN, AR, MN, MR, J, H, C, CN
Rod diameter - up to 125mm (may be increments of 1mm) depending on cylinder diameter
Rod ends - four standard options, or on request
Rod arrangement - single or double piston rod is optional

Other information:
Ductile iron was galvanized, and lengthened Gland guided to increase the stressed area
PTFE seal, double lip dust ring seal
The piston rod is chrome plated
Design of piston for ductile iron
Enhanced PTFE two way sealing ring
SAE "O" ring oil port, NPTF oil port and BSPP oil port are available

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