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PARKER MMA series metallurgical cylinders

PARKER MMA series metallurgical cylinders
MMA series metallurgical cylinders have multiple design features that allow customers to customize to meet the most demanding industrial applications.
These options include feedback sensor, position switch, end buffer, super-large oil port, travel limit, gland drainage channel, pole end protection, etc.
As long as there is demand, our professional design engineers will work with you to design a unique set of customized solutions

Working pressure up to 250 bar
Cylinder diameter from 50mm to 320mm
Piston rod diameter 32mm to 220mm
Stroke any useful stroke length h
6 standard installation types
Each cylinder diameter has two rod diameter specifications
Rod ends may be either male or female
Five types of oil and seal, suitable for a variety of oil parameters
Temperature ranges from -20 to +150 depending on the oil and seal type
Buffering may be carried on either end or both ends
Multiple mounting and pole end attachments
Multiple special designs

Rolling mills
The paper mill
Injection molding machine
Renewable energy

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