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PARKER hydraulic cylinder 2HD series

PARKER hydraulic cylinder 2HD series
The pike series 2H / 3H Gen II heavy duty hydraulic cylinders set the standard for performance, durability and trouble-free operation.
Pike's superior design, use of high quality materials and stringent manufacturing practices provide all customers with long cylinder life and reduced operating costs.
Design features such as "jewel" rod gland assemblies, hard chrome plated piston rods and step pads increase machine productivity.

In addition to the "gem" rod-shaped components and hard chrome plated piston rod series 2H / 3H, the 2HD / 3HD series and 2HB / 3HB series have many innovative design features that reduce downtime and improve system efficiency due to faster cycle time.

• main rod seal - series 2H / 3H ts-2000 rod seal, and series 2HD / 3HD and 2HB / 3HB trilip seal leakproof design - fully self-compensating and self-reducing to withstand changes and to conform to possible mechanical deviations.

• secondary rod seals - standard polyurethane dual Wiperseal TM wipes cleans any oil film adhered to the rod on the extended stroke and cleans the rod on the return stroke.

• body end seals - pressure-actuated polyurethane cylinder head and cap "O" rings provide leak-free service.

• floating cushion with fixed needle valve - parker pads are economical and flexible for maximum performance, even for the most demanding applications.
They provide superior performance in reducing impact.
Pads are optional and can be supplied at head, cap or both ends without changing envelope or mounting dimensions.

• universal piston design - pike's new universal piston seal design addresses the performance balance between low pressure tightness, low friction, extrusion resistance and seal life.
One piston style for all piston seal and wear ring configurations and will fit all application requirements.

Each series 2H / 3H, series 2HD / 3HD and series 2HB / 3HB cylinders are individually tested by the factory to ensure normal performance and leak-free operation, and are provided with an 18-month warranty.

Technical specifications TAB
• heavy duty service - ANSI/(NFPA) T3.6.7 r3-2009 specifications and mounting dimensions
• standard royalty standard structure -- square head -- rod design 2H / 3H, 2HD / 3HD and non-rod 2HB / 3HB
• nominal pressure -3000psi
• standard fluid-hydraulic fluid
• standard temperature - 10 ° F to 165 ° F + +
• aperture 1.50 ", 2.00 ", 2.50 ", 3.25 "and 4.00", 5.00 ", 6.00 ", 7.00 "and 8.00"
•Piston Rod Diameter -- 0.625", 1.000",1.375 ", 1.750 ", 2.000 ", 2.500 ", 3.000 ", 3.500 ", 4.000 ", 4.500 ", 5.000 ", 5.500 ",
• Standard mounting styles - 18 styles: TC, TD, J, JB, JJ, H, HB, HH, C, F, BB, D, DB, DD, DE, SB,
•Strokes -- available in any practical stroke length
• buffering - optional at either end or both ends of the trip.
• rod end - four standard options: threaded type 4 (NFPA SM) small, threaded type 8 (NFPA IM) medium, threaded type 9 (SF) small, threaded type 55 flange rod end - special order
• series 2H / 3H - threaded gem gasket with TS 2000 rod thread
• series 2HD / 3HD, 2HB / 3HB - bolt rod with three lip rod seals

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