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What is the source of the strange sound from the hydraulic pump ?

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Update time : 2017-11-08 17:11:52
A normal machine work should be a puissant, loud noise, and among them when problems arise, sometimes in a special voice warning role, the hydraulic pump is the commonly used hydraulic components, also can appear a strange phenomenon, this needs us to find the source of the problem and solve it. Now let's look at some common problems and solutions in hydraulic pump noise.
Common noise problems and solutions:
1.The air pump memory: this failure is usually occurs when the installation of a new pump. When start a new pump, you should add some oil into the pump. Thus can lubricate the bearing, plunger and the body of the pump.
Treatment: when the pump is running, open the pump refueling port, so that the air in the pump can come out from the refueling outlet.
2. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is too large: the pump's self-suction capacity is reduced, and the volume efficiency is decreased.
Treatment: select the appropriate viscosity of hydraulic oil, if the oil temperature is too low should be open to heat.
3. The oil surface of the oil tank is too low : the oil suction pipe is blocked so that the oil suction resistance of the pump becomes large to cause the pump to suck air or the oil inlet pipe section has air leakage , and the pump sucks the air .
Treatment: add sufficient oil as prescribed; clean filter, dredge intake pipe; check and fasten the connecting screw of the oil inlet.
The development of science is to ask questions, solve problems, engineering mechanical problems, also we need to solve in time, although a small hydraulic pump, contained in them is also a lot of science and technology, we need to know about it really, continue to solve emergencies.