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Correct maintenance of pneumatic tools to greatly improve the efficiency of the use of tools

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Update time : 2017-11-08 15:02:23
Pneumatic tools are generally smaller, the advantage is easy to use, should not wear out, more importantly is to save money. The service life of pneumatic tools is very long, but if the use and maintenance are not correct, you will find that your pneumatic tools often have one or another malfunction. In this situation, many people complain about this and complain about that, but few people complain that even if they use it badly, in order not to have such problems, they should learn the correct knowledge of pneumatic tool maintenance.

Gas supply for pneumatic tools: clean, dry air supply tools with 90PSI 6.2 Bar. too high air pressure can quickly reduce tool life. If air pressure regulator is used, the air pressure is set at 0. 62 MPA output pressure.

Pneumatic tools are used to connect the pneumatic tools to the air production line. The air pressure is set up. The air lubrication device must be set up online when the air is produced. If the air lubricating oil device is not qualified or not, the following routine maintenance should be done for the tool. After 3 to 4 hours of continuous working, the tool is separated from the air source, then dripping 7-8 drops of high purity light oil from the tool inlet and low viscosity, then connecting the air pipe, opening the air source, and blowing the oil into the cylinder. Conditional users and work intensity is at full capacity, suggest adding small oiler in inlet tapping. Usually 30 to 40 days need on a regular basis on air compressor and oil-water separator drainage, impurities and maintenance, to ensure the clean and dry air of into the tool.

The composition of pneumatic tools series: air pressure generator _ air compressor; Pneumatic actuators; Pneumatic control components _ used to control the pressure of the working medium, flow rate and flow way makes the law of motion of the components of complete the required components, such as pressure, flow and direction control valves and a variety of logic elements, etc.; Sensor components and conversion components will be accused of parameters are detected and into pressure signals of qigong sensing element and the gas and electric hydraulic signal conversion to each other components; Pneumatic accessories _ including air purification, noise elimination and element lubrication, element connection components.