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Hydraulic cylinder daily maintenance key

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Update time : 2018-12-29 09:10:54

Key points of daily maintenance of hydraulic cylinder:

1. The hydraulic cylinder should regularly replace the hydraulic oil in the process of use, clean the system filter screen to ensure cleanliness and extend the service life.

2, often check the thread, bolts and other joints, found loose immediately tighten.

3, good protection of the external appearance of the piston rod, avoid knock and scratch on the seal of the damage, often finishing the cylinder dynamic seal dust ring parts and exposed on the sand on the piston rod, avoid sticking to the piston rod surface is not easy to finish the dirt into the cylinder internal damage to the piston, cylinder or seal.

4, control the system temperature, hydraulic cylinder oil temperature is too high will reduce the service life of seals, long-term hydraulic cylinder oil temperature high makes seals attack permanent deformation, or even complete failure.

5, the hydraulic cylinder in each use, to conduct a full extension and full contraction of the test run for 5 strokes and then load operation.
This can exhaust the air in the system, preheat the system, can be useful to avoid the existence of air or water in the system, the cylinder cylinder body formed gas blasting (or burning) phenomenon, which will harm the seals, the formation of cylinder leakage and other faults.

6. Lubricate the connecting parts frequently to avoid corrosion or abnormal wear of the hydraulic cylinder without oil.

If lack the useful filtration of hydraulic pressure filter element, impurity will enter hydraulic pressure system directly, the attrition that accelerates hydraulic pressure element, form system pressure to lack, action is unusual, cause a vehicle to be unable to construct eventually, overhaul ahead of schedule, attack then needless repair cost and shutdown are lost.
Special hydraulic oil, filter shell is strong, filter hole size uniform.

Filter paper and end cover: high temperature resistant special filter paper glue is selected between the head and tail folds of the filter paper to coagulate and form, sealing is complete, and the filter paper is evenly arranged.
When the high temperature and high pressure hydraulic oil flow through the hydraulic cylinder, the filter paper is not easy to side float, to ensure the flow and filtering function.
In terms of materials, zhonglian special filter core selects composite glass fiber filter material as the filter medium, which can always maintain the excellent filtering effect.