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PARKER single and double action telescopic hydraulic cylinder

PARKER single and double action telescopic hydraulic cylinder
Included features include:
• the large overlap area of the sleeve can improve the stability and enhance the bearing capacity.
• ney faucet screws, in the shape of the thread of the packing nut.
It is almost impossible for the packing nut to fall down accidentally.
• snap-type, glass-filled bearings absorb contaminants without damaging cylinder walls.
• rebar stop ring for easy maintenance and more reliable stop action.
• the outer packing nut adds support to the outside of the tube while making the maintenance process easier.
• corrugated spring and herringbone packing for self-compensating seals.
The temperature does not need to be extruded.
• positive manual exhaust prevents cavitation and "paste" cylinder action.
• cast steel supports provide reliable strength.
The eye of the needle and the end of the rod are welded into a unit.
• various materials and coatings, including stainless steel, electroless nickel, chromium, double chromium and nitride

• inside diameter size - maximum 20"
• trips - up to 500"
• various operating fluids -
• batch sizes range from 1PC to 100"
• working pressure - maximum 10,000 PSI -

Optional accessories:
• load holding valve
• flow controller and fuse
• end of stroke buffer
• electro-hydraulic transmitter
• end of stroke hydraulic buffer
• protective pole boots
• short range switch

All cylinders are individually tested before leaving the factory to ensure normal performance and leak-free operation.

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