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PARKER LIGHTRAULICS ® overloading cylinder

PARKER LIGHTRAULICS ® overloading cylinder
Parker Lightraulics ® super lightweight overloading changed the way of lifting the load of the hydraulic cylinder.
Traditional steel jack, is extremely heavy, he didn't help unable to move, and difficult to pinpoint, Lightraulics ® overloading the hydraulic cylinder by the corrosion resistance of lightweight aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, can replace the traditional steel jack - only by an operator can fast accurate placement.
The super lightweight hydraulic cylinder has a lifting capacity ranging from 50-500 tons. The standard cylinder stroke length ranges from 100-300 mm. Other lengths can also be customized.
65-75% weight savings over standard steel cylinders.
Lightweight patented design, including safety valve, prevents cylinder pressure from being too high and protects operators and lifting loads.
The result - increased productivity and saved manpower and time.

Product parameters

- load: 50-500 tons
- working pressure: up to 700 bar (10150 psi)
- cylinder body material: carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP), aramid outer protective layer
- cylinder head material: aluminum alloy
- platen material: hardened steel, user replaceable
- oil medium: mineral based hydraulic oil

The main advantages

- lightweight - reduces weight by 65-75% compared to standard steel cylinders
- corrosion-resistant - anticorrosive carbon fiber cylinder body, surface treated with light alloy
- easy to carry - the cylinder is integrated with two handles
- reliable and durable - the press plate can be replaced by the user
- standard specifications and customized models are available

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