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PARKER hydraulic cylinder HMD series

PARKER hydraulic cylinder HMD series
HMD series metric rod hydraulic cylinders are a compact series rated for working pressures up to 210 bar, depending on the rod end and service type.
Like all the cylinders of Parker Hydraulics, they are designed to deliver long-lasting service with low maintenance requirements and high productivity.
Parker HMD series metric cylinders meet DIN 24554,160 Bar Compact series requirements.
To generate the CAD model of HMD series cylinders, please follow the corresponding steps of HMD series cylinders.

A range of optional features, such as different mounting modes and piston rod diameters, are available, allowing HMD cylinders to be customized for different industrial applications.
The HMD series cylinders have a wide range of options, including feedback sensors and position switches, pads, oversized ports, stoppers, trip limiters, gland discharge ports, rod end protection and more.
If only a fully custom cylinder will be made, our experienced design engineers will work with you to create a unique custom solution.

• there are 210barA with work stress
• cylinder diameter - 25mm to 200mm
• piston rod diameter -12mm to 140mm
• stroke - any actual stroke length is available
• five standard installation methods
• two rod dimensions per hole
• fluid and seals - five types of seals to fit various fluid specifications.
• temperature range - 20 ° C to + 150 ° C, depending on the fluid and seal type.

• machine tools
• transmission lines
• injection molding
• press
• test equipment
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