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PARKER heavy load industrial rod construction hydraulic cylinder series H

PARKER heavy load industrial rod construction hydraulic cylinder series H
Pike series VH ultra heavy duty hydraulic cylinders are the standard for performance, durability and trouble-free operation.
Design features such as "jewel" rod gland assemblies, hard chrome plated piston rods and tapered pads increase machine productivity.

In addition to the "jewel" rod gland component and the hard chrome piston rod series VH integrates numerous innovative design features, reducing downtime and improving system efficiency due to faster cycle time.

• the main rod seal - ts-2000 rod seal is a proven leakproof design - fully self-compensating and self-eliminating to withstand change and conform to possible mechanical deflection.

• secondary rod seals - double service Wiperseal ™ to wipe out in one trip to clean any oil film adhesion on the rod, and cleaning rod on the return trip.

• end seals - pressure driven cylinder head and bonnet "O" rings and spare washers provide leak free service.

• ports - series VH ports come in two sizes or larger than the NFPA standard to maximize oil flow and reduce oil velocity and turbulence.

• adjustable tapered buffers - series VH buffers are tapered and ultra long to maximize end-of-stroke energy absorption.
They are 3 "long in almost all holes and rod combinations.
Cushions are optional and can be provided at the head end, end cover or both ends.

• integral nodular cast iron piston-wide piston surface contact cylinder bore reduces bearing load.
A design guides the piston rod to ensure concentricity and is sealed and locked with anaerobic adhesives.

•Lipseal TM piston-piston flange operates under static conditions with zero leakage and a hydraulic pressure of up to 3000 PSI.
Lipseals are self-compensating to conform to pressure, mechanical deflection/wear changes, and with a backing washer to prevent extrusion mounting.

Each series VH cylinder is individually tested and removed from our plant to ensure correct performance and leak-free operation, with an 18-month warranty.

Product specifications:
• very heavy service
• standard structure - square head - pull rod design
• nominal pressure -3000 psi

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