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PARKER compact electro-hydraulic actuator

PARKER compact electro-hydraulic actuator
Compact EHA applications:

The flexibility of the EHA makes it ideal for UTV/ATV, micro-construction and agricultural equipment and accessories.
EHA is well suited for Marine, patient management and turf care applications.
Edge drives on trucks and maintenance vehicles with EHA can be separated from larger hydraulic systems to achieve energy savings.
Industrial, material processing and alternative energy markets all have a place for EHA.

Order EHA features and benefits

• double acting hydraulic cylinder, stroke length 4,6 and 8
• the maximum torque is 21.35 kN (4,800 LBF)
• pressure up to 207 bar (3,000 psi)
• speed up to 84 m/SEC (3.3 in/SEC)
• reversible gear pump completely enclosed in the tank to avoid contamination
• rugged dc motor available in 12 VDC or 24 VDC
• easy to install, universal The eastation for easy installation
• according to IP 65 and IP67, salt spray test according to ASTM B1117 and mil-std-810f for vibration
• manually release the option
CE certification,

Proven product seaworld simplifies design, broadens direction and performance options, and provides units that meet the actuating needs of a variety of markets.

EHA offers power - intensive, low noise performance at a reasonable price.
Rugged, leak-free, one-piece housing design provides system simplicity and reduced installation costs.
Small footprint reduces space and weight requirements.
EHA allows separation from the main hydraulic system, reducing parasitic losses to improve fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs.
It eliminates hoses, fittings, valves and fixtures and is easily integrated into larger systems.
Extended service life significantly reduces maintenance requirements and costs.
EHA pre-flush, fill and seal, and operate in a variety of harsh environments.

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